Fund Recovery Service

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How does the team work?

Most online criminals have elaborate operations set up in order to commit fraud. Using stolen credit card numbers, malware or other forms of code, they are able to hijack and control your email account, keeping you logged into it in order to steal your funds or access your personal information, all while tricking you into keeping silent about the entire matter.

This makes fund recovery services a much-needed part of the fraud settlement process. It can be very taxing for a victim to spend hours on the phone fighting their creditors and would just be too much for anyone.

Instead, these companies come to the rescue and work with the credit card companies, law enforcement and state government to get things back on track.

What are the different types of cases?

There are two main types of fund recovery complaints:

Case of direct theft

Case of indirect theft

“Case of direct theft” is the most prevalent fund recovery complaint. This type of fraud directly involves the theft of money from the victim’s bank account. As the fraudsters’ identity is unknown, this type of complaint is generally followed by the addition of charges of making false reports to local law enforcement officials.

Indirect theft, on the other hand, is when the victim’s money is stolen without their knowledge. This category of complaints is most often followed by calls for assistance from financial institutions which are receiving numerous complaints from people saying they have been defrauded by friends and family.

How do they work with law enforcement agencies?

While many online criminals fail to report their crimes, fund recovery companies can certainly help in this regard. While recovery from losses is an on-going process, it usually involves simple phone calls and emails. It’s generally recommended that victims make contact with recovery firms.

Most people are quick to believe that their scammer would never call them again. That’s why it’s a smart idea to always verify the information that your scammer gives you. When you reach out to the firm handling your case, they will explain the process. Most reputable firms will provide you with clear and concise information in an effort to help your case move forward as quickly as possible.

Do I have to pay an upfront fee?

No! The upfront fees are charged to the consumer as a fee for access to the professionals and legal support they provide. There are actually zero fees charged to recover funds from online companies. Most of the funds available online come in as a processing fee that is immediately processed through your bank account. In some cases, though, you’ll have to wait for up to 30 days for funds to become available. The wait may be shorter or longer depending on how quickly you have to receive the funds. The payment terms may range from a few days to a few weeks and sometimes even more. Some companies have lower payment terms or might not have them at all. Sometimes they use the money to pay other credit card bills, making it more difficult to track.


In conclusion, each of these legitimate options will help you recover your stolen funds and prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. Don’t take the chance and allow yourself to be a victim of this criminal activity. Have faith in your justice system and be determined to solve this problem.